Cronulla Public School

Over 100 Years of Excellence in Education

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Principal's Message

Our school is recognised in the wider community as being committed to continuous improvement and upholding standards of excellence.

We offer opportunities for every student to reach their full potential through participation in a wide variety of educational programs. With literacy and numeracy the focus, student expectations are differentiated to meet individual needs.

We prepare our students to love learning and be ready for the future.

We know we provide the best teachers who provide the best education across the full range of the primary curriculum and beyond.

With a firm foundation in high levels of academic achievement, our school also has a reputation for outstanding achievements in sport and the creative arts. Our staff go beyond the standard classroom practices to offer extensive extracurricular programs for our students.

Our school implements a strong student wellbeing program that maximises caring and individual attention. We provide a happy, safe and tolerant learning environment for our students and success is celebrated by our school community. Importantly, we provide a quality teaching environment where students love learning, enjoy school and make great friends.

We are very proud of our school and the work we do here every day which has contributed to the excellent reputation we have in the community.

As the Principal of Cronulla Public School I warmly welcome your family to our school community and look forward to working together in providing the best education for your child.